Leather Bags for All Occasions

Leather Tote Bags

When you don’t want a handbag dictating how much of your stuff you can carry around, a tote bag is one of the most useful bags you can opt for instead. Unlike smaller bags that will limit your baggage to just your phone and a few other small items, a tote bag will have no problem handling your laptop or a book and other similar-sized items as you go about your day.

While design sophistication is still a factor, many leather tote bags tend to be more plainly designed with short shoulder straps for easy carrying. But the work of a tote bag does not begin and end with helping you carry your things around, it also needs to look fashionable as well.

Therefore, some leather tote bags are adorned with leather studs, colored patchwork, embossed designs and other beautiful decorations. Brands currently making waves with their tote bags include Bottega Veneta, Celine, Givenchy, and even Goyard.

Leather Wristlets

If you need a small leather bag to complete your look as you go out for a night of fun, a wristlet is what you should get. This is a small bag, with a strap that you wrap around your wrist for added convenience.

Although a wristlet is more of a fancy fashion item, it should also provide adequate space for your phone, identification, charge cards and other small-sized personal items. Leather wristlets are available in all colors of the rainbow. So, you should have no trouble finding something in your favorite color. Floral patterns are also available with these types of bags.

The design styles on leather wristlets are also quite varied. You can get anything from smooth high-quality leather to textured, embossed or quilted leather.

Some of the wristlets may have exterior zip pockets in addition to interior pockets for more convenient access to your items. Leading wristlet leather bag brands include Moschino, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang and more.

Leather Duffel Bags

If you have some luggage to carry, a duffel bag is precisely what you need. But as basic as a duffel bag’s role is, it is never just about function as far as these bags are concerned. Ladies duffel bags are also supposed to look good and fashionable.

Design variations are better at explaining this reality. It is not always that you have lots of luggage to carry around, and yet your average handbag is not up to the task. In such a case, a stylish, yet spacious, dome duffel bag can get the job done. There are plenty of design variations with regards to these kinds of bags.

Roomier versions are also available, and they can be as stylish or as plain as you would like them to be. Some versions have intricate contrast stitching and several fancy exterior pockets that make them irresistibly attractive.

However, most large-sized leather duffel bags feature plain designs, with brown as the most common color available. Dark leather choices are also available to shoppers. Some versions even feature a blend of both leather and wool. Brands in this space include Patricia Nash, Ted Baker, and Alexander Wang.