Bago Duffel Bag That Converts To Backpack For Men & Women Travel Or Army Duffle

Bago Duffel Bag That Converts To Backpack For Men & Women Travel Or Army Duffle

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  • WANTED A SPECIAL ‘FIT-ALL SCENARIO’ DUFFLE BACKPACK – HERE IT IS!!! It fits any natural terrain & any nature of activities; Traveling, Sports, Hunting, Military, Equipment & Tool Kits, Yachting, Tracking, Bag-Out-Bag… This Heavy Duty Duffel can serve any purpose to anyone, anytime.
  • HAVE YOUR ENDURANCE STRETCH BEYOND THE DUFFLE IT SELF – ONLY when ordering from ‘Bago Travel Bags’ You are covered with Bago travel Bags – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! And with our WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • HAVE SUITABLE COLORS FOR ANY TYPE OF ACTIVITY !!!; Leisure, representative or tactical… With the Black or Brown colors that carry a Classic, Stylish & Elegant look, it is always fitting the event. Suitable for both Man and Woman.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR ABILITIES WITH THIS SMART DESIGN – Broaden your enjoyment when traveling by expending the use of your Duffle – Like all Baog’s products, This Bago’s Endurance Duffle is designed best to be used in combination with other Bago’s products. Aside from whenever it is used on its own, when using it with other Bago’s products, the result would be achieving an even higher level of comfort in your voyage
  • WHAT ABOUT THE SPECS’?: Measurements: 13′ x 23′ x 11′ inch ( 32 x 58 x 27 cm) with 3289 Cubic Inches ( 53 L ) Capacity. One huge compartment with a 2 way zipper’s opening, the zippers cover most of the perimeter of the bag’s top. That allows a huge opening of the bag and easy store of it as well as opening it from eider side of the bag. The duffel can easily turn to a backpack & back to a duffle

Durable, Versatile & Reliable, This Is An All-Situation Bag That Got’s Your Back.
Why have one bag for each circumstances. This Bago’s Endurance Duffle-Backpack made to last & suit any situation. Vacation, work/tool carrying, Military Service, Gym, Shopping, Police & Rescue assignments, Stored & Ready Bag-Out Bag. Its ability to change its carrying nature and the high level of craftsmanship & engineering, allows it “play” all rules.

Stylish and functional; it won’t let you down!
With its unique appearance it will be easy to spot the bag from a distance. Its pragmatic size & design as well as the stylish classical colors, you can pursue your activity, what ever it is, in Class! Heaving Bago’s Endurance is choosing pragmatism and diversity, all while maintaining a great budget. It is simply having 3 types of Bags in one.

Have the same specious carrying bag with the comfort of choosing how to carry it – On your back as a backpack, as a side duffle or hand carry one. With the shoulders that are stored discreetly in the compartment, you can send this backpack/duffle together with the regular suitcases on board instead of the special care checked-in backpack, with all their loose straps.

Perfect for your Bago Packing Cubes (Bago’s 4 pcs set or Bago’s 4-5 single Medium Cubes measurements, depending how you like to stuff and pack). Experience the comfort of stress free packing and traveling!

Our Guarantee To You:
If you are not 100% satisfied with the duffle – Simply Return It For A Refund ! Add This duffel To Your Cart Now Before We Run Out Of This new Product’s Stock.

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