drawstring purseLeather bucket bags for women, with their typical drawstring design and bucket-like shape, are some of the most stylish and functional bags ladies can buy. Some variants have a zip in place of the drawstring, while still retaining the characteristic ‘bucket’ shape these bags possess.

Leather bucket bag designs vary considerably. Some cheaper faux leather versions are available for those on a budget. Premium bucket leather bags can be either plain or quite elaborate in their exterior designs. For instance, some bucket bags have high-quality quilting, while others have leather tassels, studs, or even fringes.

Size variations are also notable in this handbag category, with some mini versions being appropriate only for carrying small items like phones.

Many leather bucket bags feature basic colors such as black and brown, although there are choices that are elaborately decorated in various bright and exciting colors or graphics if that is something you would prefer.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for some of the best bucket bags on market, you should consider brands like Jerome Dreyfuss, Michael Kors, MCM, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, and Tod’s.