Iswee Crazy Horse Cowhide Leather Multi-Pocket Tote Briefcase Messenger Bags, Fit 15.6″ in Laptop (Brown)

Iswee Crazy Horse Cowhide Leather Multi-Pocket Tote Briefcase Messenger Bags, Fit 15.6
Iswee Crazy Horse Cowhide Leather Multi-Pocket Tote Briefcase Messenger Bags, Fit 15.6″ in Laptop (Brown)

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  • Structure: Tons of storage space. 1 Roomy main pockets for your 15.6″ Laptop, IPAD, A4 files and other things. 1 Zipper pocket inside. Have phone and ID card slot.
  • Feature : 5 littler pockets in front for your cigarette or other daily things. Easy to put in or take out. 1 rear zipper pocket. 2 pockets besides the backpack
  • Additional: Come with padded and adjustable long shoulder straps, which are about 33.07″~59.05″ in length, 1.45″ in weight, which will alleviate the pressure of the shoulder.
  • Size info: (L) 15.35*(H) 11.41 *(W) 4.33″ in, and weight is 3.52 pounds [Please pay attention about the weight before purchasing].
  • Attention: The color might be different according to the different production batches, and the crazy horse cowhide leather will get more and more beautiful after using. Their might be some small scratches on crazy horse cowhide leather, which is normal, please use dry towel to wipe it, the scratches will shoal.[Please check the description for more info about crazy horse cowhide leather]

We sincerely invite you spend two minutes to know something about crazy horse cow leather.

Q: Why it is more expensive than the ordinary leather
A:The crazy horse cow leather is devoid of any chemical substances in manufacturing process. Since it is the vegetable-tanned Leather, which is in high-cost and high-quality.

Q:What is Full grain Crazy-Horse Cow Leather
A:It is also known as oil immersed leather or crazy cattle cow leather.
It takes the high-class grown-up cow cattle leather as the raw material, which is completely vegetable-tanned. Vegetable tanning is a kind of technique in processing raw leather, in which the original characteristics of cow leather are remained at most, with all the scratches and spots reserved. The surface of the crazy horse leather will change its color if you gently stroke the surface. As time goes on, it will become as bright and lustrous as a mirror with better handle, smacking of strong retro style.

Feature 1: being environmentally friendly
Have no harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, benzene, and aromatic series in the leather productive process.

Feature 2: reserving the natural texture and flavor of the cow leather

Feature 3: changing color upon being folded
The color of the crazy horse leather will become lighter upon being gently folded. Hence you bag can present different colors freely and easily.

Feature 4: easily wiping off scratches
There will be obvious scratches if you scratch surface of the bag with your nails. But the scratches will disappear immediately if you wipe them with your fingers. Since the scratches on the surface of the crazy horse leather will easily be wiped out, so the longer you use it, the better the quality of leather will be.

Feature 5: the leather that will be glossy and beautiful forever