ladies satchel
A satchel is a timeless classic in the world of fashion for the simple reason that fashion meets functionality in the way satchels are designed. These handy designer items are key to a lady’s outfit not just for the magnetic aesthetic appeal they possess, but also for their ability to act as effective means to carry around iPods and other important personal items.

Although satchels have a clear basic design, they also come with subtle, intricate, and yet unmissable design tweaks to make them ideal for all fashion tastes. To begin with, color variations give them plenty of differences. Some come in tobacco brown, others in chestnut, some in black, and others in gray and even white.

Other differences in appearance come with their design shapes and the use of highlights such as tassels, embossing, and bold graphics. Notable makers of ladies satchels include Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Phillip Lim and others.