doctor bagThe leather doctor bag for ladies represents the ultimate in carrying of personal items in an organized way. Designed after actual doctor’s bags, whose primary role is to conveniently handle as many tools as possible in as ordered and as cautious a manner as possible, these are the kind of handbags the bonafide neat freaks and professional women require.

Many leather doctor bags, even for ladies, tend to feature a simplistic design, with the emphasis being on their ability to safely carry things around. These things include sensitive items like cameras and other electronics. The use of extra hard leather ensures that such items remain safe while in the bag, even when walking through crowds where pushing and shoving might otherwise result in some damage.

Still, there are quite a number of choices for ladies who want their doctor bags to have some feminine touch and style. Some of them feature bright colors and bold graphics for an exciting look and feel. Others come with obvious modifications to the traditional doctor bag look in order to produce an overall feminine look as well as a compelling fashion appeal.

Embossed leather and floral patterns are also helpful in giving these bags the much needed trendy look and feel. Reputable makers of these bags include Celine, Jason Wu, Fendi, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada just to name a few.