Satchels are one of the most popular handbags for women. In fact, satchels will never go out of the style. Typically, satchels have a flat bottom, top carry handle, and a top closure which gives a fashionable look to the handbag in general.

Satchels often have two sets of handles, one of which is a strap used to wear the bag over the shoulder and the other is for carrying the bag by hand. Most modern satchels have a triangle side profile as well. It is actually the triangular profile and flat bottom which distinguishes satchels from other handbags.

Satchels are available in different material, color and sizes. They usually have internal compartments and pockets to store and find items without any hassle. Similarly, they also help you to carry all of your necessary belongings without looking bulky. Some of the most popular brands which make satchel handbags are Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Coach, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.